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See how TCVT is getting involved in the community!

Image by Himal Rana


The founders of the Truck Club at Virginia Tech were given a chance to succeed by their very first sponsor. We would like to repay that forward and give a high schooler that has declared to go to Virginia Tech this scholarship so they too can be given a chance to succeed.

The application process involves both TCVT Officers and Sponsors to determine which applicant is best suited for such a scholarship.


If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

Click the button below to apply for TCVT's Scholarship!



TCVT has joined the Adopt A Highway program in the state of Virginia! The organization has officially adopted Route 460 from Southgate to Tom's Creek in Montgomery County totaling 3.0 miles. By adopting this section of highway, TCVT agrees to keep it cleared of litter for a three-year period by performing at least two successful pickups in one calendar year. We, of course, intend to perform more pickups.



This year Truck Club at Virginia Tech (TCVT) hosted a Truck Meet at Leonard in support of the Roanoke Valley SPCA on April 30th! Every April TCVT will be collecting funds and donations to support a local animal shelter. The culmination of this effort this year ended on April 30th when family and friends showed up at the Truck Meet in support of the RVSPCA! We were able to collect over 203 pounds plus 12 cans of dog food! We also collected over 68 pounds plus 12 cans of cat food! Three bags of dog treats were also collected. We also raised over $160 for RVSPCA! Thank you to everyone that came out and supported this great event!

This initiative was started by Sebastian Buenano who was a founder and is the current President of Truck Club at Virginia Tech. The initiative is named after Sebastian's best friend who was a welsh corgi named Bubby. The impact that one special corgi left on Sebastian will last with him till the day they meet again. In honor of this friendship and the lasting memory of Bubby, TCVT is promising to help a local animal shelter every April! We hope that our efforts can support and assist in the start of a new friendship between a loving animal and a caring human being just like the one Sebastian had with Bubby.



This year Truck Club at Virginia Tech (TCVT) partnered with Toys For Tots in the effort to provide underprivileged kids with gifts this Christmas season. We accepted donations up to December 11th. All donations were given to Toys for Tots. We want to thank the local Marine Corps League for collecting the toys! Any little bit that was given was greatly appreciated. TCVT raised over $500 and bought/collected over 150 new, unwrapped toys! This could not have been done without some incredible people and local businesses. We want to thank Leonard on S Main St. in Blacksburg, VA for hosting our last truck meet which was meant to raise funds and collect toys for the Toys For Tots Initiative. We also want to thank 5 Star Nutrition in Blacksburg, VA for supporting our cause. Thank you to Mission BBQ and BAMBAM for catering at our event! Every donation and gift that was received was greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your support and we are glad that a lot of kids will have a lot of awesome toys this Christmas season!

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