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Our mission at Truck Club at Virginia Tech is to use our trucks as a vessel for positive change, which is why we want to help you in any way we can!

Currently, TCVT is providing 2 services to assist the community around us. 

1. Pallet Pickup Services: If you have wooden pallets that are laying around or are going to the landfill, then we can help take that inconvenience off your hands. TCVT reuses these pallets for storage, woodwork, bonfires, and more. 

2. General Moving Assistance Services: If you are in need of assistance to move furniture, personal items, mulch, or anything at all, then contact us so that we can have our members and our trucks come to your assistance.

 All services are individualized and customized to each request. Service availability may change due to weather, availability, resources, and more. Before every service, TCVT will contact you to confirm and remind you of said service that is scheduled to happen. If you are a TCVT Sponsor, then you have priority status to these services. These services are completely free but we do appreciate any donations to TCVT.

If you are interested, then please contact any of the officers or email us at Please fill out the optional survey below if you would like to give us more information about your service.

We thank you for your support! 

If you have any questions or concerns, then please email

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