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Truck Club at Virginia Tech was founded as a Registered Student Organization at Virginia Tech on October 13, 2020. We have grown from just 5 members to well over 50 members in one year! Our goal is to provide a space where trucks become a vessel for positive change. We strive to accomplish this goal through our events, service, and our TCVT family. We encourage people of all interests and backgrounds to join. If this is what you are looking for, then don't wait and become a member today.



Using trucks as a vessel for positive change.

Truck Club at Virginia Tech started off as an idea from Sebastian Buenaño. As a sophomore, Sebastian had already been part of multiple organizations and clubs on campus but he always dreamed about starting his own club at Virginia Tech especially a truck club. Sebastian has a passion for trucks and he himself has a 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 which he calls "Big Red". During the Spring 2020 Semester, Sebastian would share his vision and passion with some close friends. Many of those close friends like Tara Tafro, Leo Olivera, Reagan Sanchez, Jerry Gonzalez, Jhosselin Vasquez, Eric Aponte, and Wayne Thompson all encouraged Sebastian to start a club. His friends also gave him ideas and tips about making the club. As Sebastian's passion grew he started to see the awesome potential of forming a possible Truck Club on campus. Southwestern Virginia and Virginia Tech itself is definitely a hotspot for trucks and truck enthusiasts which is why Sebastian knew his vision could come to reality. With the support from family and friends, the process of making a truck club at Virginia Tech was underway in the late Spring 2020 Semester. By early Fall 2020 Semester Sebastian was able to form a group of 5 founding Truck Club at Virginia Tech (TCVT) members. Reagan Sanchez as Social Media Chair, Jerry Gonzalez as Secretary, Jhosselin Vasquez as Treasure, Wayne Thompson as Vice President, and Sebastian Buenaño as President were the founding members of TCVT. After finalizing all the necessary steps to becoming a Registered Student Organization (RSO) Truck Club at Virginia Tech was officially recognized by Virginia Tech on October 13, 2020! This is our history and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this awesome organization!

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